Wednesday, October 8, 2008



The Rays are in the ALCS. They beat the White Sox. But can you believe it? The RAYS ARE IN THE ALCS? Last year, they were last place in their division. This year? They only have to win four more games and then they're in the WORLD SERIES! 

The Dodgers are also looking mighty good. They beat the Cubs who "had" the best record in baseball. Keyword: "had". With Manny Ramirez, they look unbeatable. In my mind, Manny gets MIP. (Most Important Player) Not MVP. If he played like this the whole year, he'd get my vote. Manny is MIP because.... the Dodgers were out of the playoffs in reality. 5 games back I think it was. The Dodgers weren't playing good baseball so I thought we were out. Than Manny comes along and I thought it was a bad deal at first. Even though we got the bat, there was speculation of his attitude. I haven't seen nor heard any problems for him. By the way, where are the Dodgers now? The NLCS.

The Red Sox in my mind are the champs. The Phillies don't impress me at all. 

World Series Prediction: Red Sox win the series against the Dodgers 4-2.

NFL - 

Redskins are rolling along. Titans are 5-0. Giants are 4-0.  Colts are embarrasing themselves.  Patriots without Brady is like a human without a brain.
All I have to say?

NBA -  
What is there to talk about the NBA.  Kobe is going to have an MVP-worthy season. LeBron will win it because he hasn't won one yet. It is stupidity but the mind works that why. CP3 will fade a little bit and K-Love will be ROY.  Like my predictions? Got some more for you. Derrick Rose will fail in the NBA. Worst pick in my lifetime as number 1. Gotta go with Beasley on that one.

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